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May 31, 2022


Lynn F. Noyes

She can't be all claws and teeth. There have to be hairballs for it to be a complete cat.

Kami Scott


Barbara Prowse

You won't believe this! A few days ago I also unexpectedly acquired a cat called Smokey! Not a kitten but a beautiful grey adult. Rehomed from a sick owner. Very loving and sweet but moments of teeth and nails when thwarted or worried. So a real cat! Best wishes. And have fun with your Smokey!

J. A. G.

Smokey is just toooo toooo cute!! Congratulations! We owned 3 cats in past years…. They are the sweetest companiions!


Over the years we have has 4 Siamese and one Tonkinese. All now passed on, and well-loved in their day.
We have a rescue cat now - a big tom Tuxedo.


Have you tried feeding raw? Get some mice from reptile freezer in your local pet shop, mine go wild for them and they're specially bred so are clean. One of mine eats tge tail first, the other goes for the brains. No mess, ever.

Steve Michaud

Cute Kitty! we have three kitties, One was found as an adult and two were found as baby kitties. It' so sad these kitties were abandoned.

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