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November 16, 2021


Jason Andrews

What's the gameplay for Camel Spider and Sixty Knights (15 piles?)?

Gregg Seelhoff

Camel Spider plays exactly like Spider, but the initial layout has more cards in the middle and fewer at the ends (making a camel hump): "1 card is dealt the the first pile, 3 cards to the 2nd pile, 5 cards to the 3rd pile, 7 cards to the 4th pile, 9 cards to the 5th and 6th piles, 8 cards to the 7th pile, 6 cards to the 8th pile, 4 cards to the 9th pile, and 2 cards to the 10th pile."

Sixty Knights is similar to Rank and File, except only Kings and King sequences can be moved to spaces (instead of any card), and the initial piles have 6 cards (2 face down and 4 face up) instead of 4.

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