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March 20, 2017


Tim Parsons

Hi Tom :>

Nice video -- and great idea! My only comment would be that this is useful to help understand the rules of the game but what I was hoping for is maybe some insight into game strategy. For instance, early on you pointed out a card that could go on another but that wasn't in suit so you didn't make the move, then later you were moving out-of-suit cards for what seemed to be sensible reasons. And maybe some better understanding of good uses for empty columns might also be helpful. (Waypoints for tidying up come to mind, for instance.) It's the strategy of Spider that I've never been able to develop, and I'm enough of a quitter (and there's enough other games I understand better!) to keep me from persevering with the game.

I could be unusual (my wife thinks there's no "could" about it!) but I think others might agree that more complex games could use a few insights into good strategies and the background thinking behind them.

But as always, thanks for developing the best solitaire game out there and for continuing to develop it as you have over more years than I care to think about!

Thomas Warfiield

Yes, these videos right now are intended to be basic introduction to the rules of the game. I'm trying to keep them short, so I can't go into much detail. But I may be making more advanced videos in the future.


Great article.
Spider solitaire is most popular game in the france. You can play spider solitaire game online with score.
Thank you.


Spider solitaire is best game to play in quarantine. Thank you for this helpful article.

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