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December 01, 2016



Great that 2 of my suggestions have been made :)

Assembly Rush - is that Gold Rush style or a normal redeal?

Runner - what makes it easier than Acme?

Double Nickels - group moving or build down by alternate?

Australian Spider - same layout as Australian Patience but all cards are dealt out like in Yukon?

Thomas Warfiield

You can see all the rules to the new games at http://www.goodsol.com/pgshelp


Only Yorktown and Yukon Twice got missed unless it hasn't been done yet.

Thomas Warfiield

Both are there: Yorktown http://www.goodsol.com/pgshelp/yorktown.htm and Yukon Twice http://www.goodsol.com/pgshelp/yukon_twice.htm

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