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September 21, 2016


Margaret B Kober

They are adorable. May they bring you many years of joy.

Norberto Levin

Bandit and Caramel are truly gorgeous! Welcome girls, and my sympathies go to Pumpkin and Random, although surely they will soon find themselves adopting the newcomers too, and it will be a happier extended family, the more the merrier!

Jeneva Stoffels

I love your puzzles almost as much as I love your love for cats.

C. Tampien

Congratulations. I certainly appreciate your sharing about your kitties. I've had cats all my life and enjoy them immensely. Am getting on in years, so the one I have left (the second one I had died last spring), is also getting on in years, has a thyroid condition, so is slowly going too. Lei Lu will be my last since I do not think I have the ability to care for another. My old body just doesn't work like it used to. Almost all my kitties lived long lives...into their late teens or even early twenties, and I know they were happy as well as I have been. Now as I type, my Lei Lu is purring away laying on my arm with her head on my wrist. They love to get in your face, don't they? Well, thank you again for sharing with us all, and thank you for your games. They're such fun even though I often forget the mechanics of the downloading, etc. Blessings to you!

Shannon Alexander

Thank you for sharing your kitties with us. I adopted a calico kitten October 2, 2016 as a companion for my two year old tortoise shell as we lost our 12 year old tuxedo to throat cancer. We were both lonely and this new baby has been such a blessed addition. Wish there was some way I could share pictures of my girls with you.

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