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September 22, 2016


David A Eckerman

FreeCell Plus 4.03 quotes unexpectedly when opened in macOS Sierra. This has been true since I installed the new OS. How might I proceed?

David A Eckerman

That was "error corrected" from "crashes" to "quotes"!!!

Gregg Seelhoff

Upgrade to the latest version of FreeCell Plus (4.30). Select 'Internet->Download Latest Version' from the menu, or just go the web site:

This version does not crash on macOS Sierra.

Maureen Grobmeier

Freecell Plus does not work on my MAC since upgrading to OS Sierra. I get a dialogue box saying FreeCell Plus quit unexpectedly. Despite what T. Warfield and goodsol.com say, a perfectly good version of this previously great App for my MAC now DOES NOT work. We like his apps. But Sierra broke it we suspect.

So when will we get a fix. Or does godson expect us to pay again for Freecell Plus? I would think a fix is out there somewhere. We like goodsol.



Thomas Warfiield

As the original post says, if you update to the latest version you won't have a problem.

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