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April 26, 2016


Jim Archiblad

Thanks for this. Your instructions were easy to follow. Only one fix did not work for me:

"to fully stop the automated updates, go back to Settings, select Network & Internet, Wifi, click on Advanced Options"

Gary Spain


It looks all the Windows 10.

Cathy Cook

Thanks for the help with Windows 10. Scary all the things I had ON that needed to be turned OFF.


Thanks for all this help, I had not realised how intrusive Microsoft has become

Don Horner

Ever since I downloaded the present version of goodsol I have been experiencing a very slow exit from a hand that I have solved. The cards go one by one (about every second) to the pile (sorry, I'm not one who has memorized your terms for the various stacks of cards) by which I mean the cards at the top of the screen. Once there are no cards left in the waste pile the screen freezes (except for the mouse circle) and then, after about 1 second per card, the new game page comes up. In previous versions, as soon as I have solved the hand, zip, the new game page is up.

I have been playing your solitaire games for many years--even before windows xp--and love "big harp". I hardly ever use any of the other games.


Don Horner

We all appreciate the information in your blog. Thanks.


David Stein

As a 75 year old man new to Windows 10 (formerly Windows XP) I have had a lot to learn. It has been like the jump from modem to cable to wifi.
Privacy issues have exploded during the years from XP to 10 and I have never gotten my arms around them. Your instructions have allowed me to begin this process.
The other new privacy issue regards the little chip on my credit cards! Got any suggestions about that one?


Thomas Warfield

Jim, that setting works only for Wifi, not ethernet, so that was probably the problem.

Don, click on the Options button on the main screen, set the "AutoPlay Animation Speed" setting to the highest level.


I am stuck in Freecell game #178, does anyone know if it is unsolvable?
Thanks in advance,


OOPS! Sorry, I thionk I have posted to the wrong blog. New at this

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