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September 17, 2015


Ruby Bomboy

My model is A1458. It is an iPad 4. Both games crash on it. I also have an iPad mini 2, model A 1490, and both games work perfectly on it. Both have iOS 9.

Ken Buhr

My iPad is an A1458. Solitaire 101 crashes when I click on Options or select a game.

Ken Buhr

I should have noted that the crashes started after I updated to IOS 9.

Corinne Driscoll

My iPad is also A1458, and the clashes began with the iOS 9 update.

Isabel Labarthe de Elbers

Mine is A1459, it crashes as soon as I open it!

James Condlin

My iPad is an iPad 4
md525fd/a wi-fi cellular 16gb
I can open the App but as soon as a card game is picked the App Shuts down,
Unfortionally i am traveling untill October 3 and will not have iTunes availible.

Betty Thomas

I wrote to you about the problem, too. I,also, have A1458

Penny Reynolds

My iPad is a model no MD513ZP/A. I have sent you an email just a short while ago, and hadn't realised you had a blog about this. Both games I have got on my iPad crash as soon as I open them.

Penny Reynolds

Sorry my iPad is an A1458, I checked in settings instead of looking on back of iPad!

James Condlin

Mine is a 1460a

Donna Kennedy

I have an iPad 513LL/A and the OS 9 update works well for everything except my solitaire app. The app looks like it is fine, but any game you click on sends me to my computer home page.

Carol A Matthews

Mine is A1460. I haven't updated the other iPad I have yet. All the apps on this iPad work fine except Pretty Good Solitaire. Hope you get it fixed soon. I'm addicted.

Govert Deketh

I also use iPad 4 and the moment I tr to open a game or try to open 'options' it crashes

Gwen S-Ayoade

I have an iPad 4th generation model A1458, thanks!

Lee Michael

Thanks for getting onto this problem so quickly. I have an ipad4 and am experiencing the crashing problem. Hope it doesn't take Apple too long to send us the update.


Good to know. Thanks for working so diligently on this. I never realized how much I play this game until it was gone.

Donna Kennedy

Any idea if the issues for solitaire 101 on the 4th generation iPads have been resolved. My iPad is still crashing.

Donna Kennedy

Thanks for your update. I really do appreciate your efforts.

Debb Bergsson

A1395 and it crashes just like these A1458s ... Will mine be fixed as well?


Using iPad 4, still can't play any games. Does anyone know when this will be fixed. It's been sometime now without any solution.

Loretta Blankenship

Just installed iOS 9.0.2 on iPad model MD512LL/A. Both Pretty Good Solitaire and Most Popular Solitaire still crashing.


A 1460, just ran update and Pretty Good Solitaire now crashing, very sad


All was good until I downloaded the iOS 9.0.2, then Goodsol just crashes out


A1458 and now crashes after iOS 9.0.2 update.

Penny Norman

jUst updated MD514BA to OS9 and pretty good sol now crashes


Thanks for the update, at least I am getting more work done 😏

Robert C

Crashes after face page comes up. I have 13A452 (iPad 4).
Thanks for your continual work with this issue. It must be super frustrating.

On my iMac I started with Snow Leopard; feels like OS upgrades have been bug-filled and shoddier as they 'progress' ever since. Now, an iPad issue- almost enough to drive me to (shudder) Microsoft.

Please don't let them defeat you; really miss plaing RGS.

Lillian M. Lynn

I have model A1458. I can see the page when I open pretty good sol, but it crashes upon clicking on a game. The game it crashes on is Klondike.

Govert Deketh, Geneva, Switzerland

Is there any news on this problem, it's now about 3 weeks that Good Solitaire is not available to me and other iPad 4 users, a true loss....You talked once about getting addicted to your games, Thomas, am I risking withdrawal symptoms? Cheers 😏

Stephanie Mitchell

I have model A1395 and downloaded IOS 9.0.2. Worked ok at first. Now my ipad is completely frozen. I was trying to play solitaire when issue arised. Screen is black and every so often the screen pops up with apps but system is frozen. Will the fix include this model and issue as well? Thanks for your help


What is the chance of getting so apples link so to complain and/or try to get a copy of iOS 8 back on the iPads.

Ney Leal Lopes

I have updated my iPad, and intaled the 9.0.2 version. Now i can not play the games. Please, solved that bug, because i realy love your game.

Frank Edwards

Since I have an Android tablet I wrote to you at the kick-off announcement about designing only for Apple "i" products. Your reply that you had opted to write only for Apple products floored me since I was certain that you must have many, many Android customers that were being neglected.

Now you have serious problems with Apple supporting your product. Que sera,sera!

Sorry to hear about that. Have you decided to support us Android users yet, or are you still resistant?


I have looked at some other, temporary replacement patience solitaire games, like Solebon Solitaire, and they work OK on my iPad 4th gen. Prefer Good Sol to work again though. Probably you have done this already, but why does Solebon work OK, and Good Sol doesn't? Cheers, Govert


With all the different iOS, OS X versions and hardware revisions, the advantages of the "closed ecosystem" of Apple and its supposed better quality experience are disappearing. As a small developer I cannot afford to keep 4 or 5 iterations of operating systems plus a closet full of iDevices to test each time a new release comes out of Apple. It seems obvious that not even Apple is diligently doing the same.

For example, El Capitan just broke one of my games and I'm looking at having to test SIX different OS X versions if I want to maintain compatibility back to 10.6 which is the case with my current release, not to mention the fact that I don't have hardware anymore to do any testing.

Add to this the fact that revenue for app developers is shrinking daily and it adds up to "why am I doing this?" fairly quickly.

Bill Unterberg

Another A1458 crash with 9.0.2 - will we ever be able to use the program again?


I have a MacBook Air and recently upgraded to El Capitan. I don't have any games on there yet but want to load Most Popular Solitaire on there or Prety good Solitaire. Can you please tell me if both are compatible with that system? I love the Most popular solitaire that is not working on my iPad but not sure if this is just for iPads and if it will work on the MacBook Air.


Just updated my iPad 4 to OS 9.2 hoping this might fix the crash problem - no such luck!


Thomas, IT WORKS! Many thanks for your persistency it pursuing this with Apple, quite an experience I must say.... But glad you did it, and that Good Solitaire works again, well done! Regards, Govert

Donna Kennedy

Is there any way we could upgrade to pretty good solitaire since our Goodsol 101 still isn't working?

Gregg Seelhoff

>With all the different iOS, OS X versions and hardware revisions, the advantages of the "closed ecosystem" of Apple and its supposed better quality experience are disappearing.

I agree with everything you posted here, and wanted to highlight it.

From my personal experience, both on this iOS 9 issue and with El Capitan, the quality level certainly seems to be dropping. That, along with minimal concern for backward compatibility combined with falling revenues, the argument for supporting Apple products is rapidly fading.

El Capitan broke 2 projects here, and iOS 9.x broke 5 titles, each with demonstrable bugs in the OS. We should not have to spend extra resources and energy solving their problems.

Gregg Seelhoff

>Is there any way we could upgrade to pretty good solitaire since our Goodsol 101 still isn't working?

As indicated in the 'Note' at the top of this post, Goodsol Solitaire 101 has been resubmitted, so it should be the next game we hear about (any day now). However, with the vicissitudes of Apple...

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow publishers to provide upgrades between different products, so the only practical choices are to wait until the upgrade is approved or to purchase Pretty Good Solitaire, which now works around the iOS 9 bug.

Donna Kennedy

Thanks so much or your persistence with Apple. I tried some other games while waiting for the fix and had almost given up. Your Goodsol 101 is simply the very best and I'm really delighted to have it back. Thanks again, Donna


Yay a thank you! It seems a bit jerky but sooo happy to have it back! Most popular solitaire my favourite is back! There goes the house work haha!
Heather 😀


I think the few first rejection is human error to blame. Since there are so many apps resubmitted there are good chance the reviewer didn't put so much attention to the chit chat. But it's good that now you are approved.

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