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March 16, 2015


Lea Ann Hilboldt

So sad. I love Good Solution on my desktop. Would like to use it on my Samsung tablet.

Jake Munson

These are all common reasons I hear from iOS developers, but one thing that is usually overlooked is market share. Android commands over 75% of the market share according to reputable analytics companies like IDC and Gartner: http://www.idc.com/prodserv/smartphone-os-market-share.jsp. So if I were a a game developer like you, I would be asking myself "How can I make the most money?" iOS continually hovers around 20%. Do the math and it doesn't make much sense to support iOS at ALL, let alone instead of Android.

I have long been a fan of PGS on Windows. A few weeks ago I went into the Android Play Store to see if you had PGS on there. You did not. Instead I found one called 250+ Solitaire Collection. That app got my money (actually it's free with ads, but I purchased the ad free version through IAP). I'm guessing there are lots of PGS fans like me out there using Android, who are going to your competition. Sad...

Gregg Seelhoff

Market share is not the only consideration; that is far too simplistic a measure. When other developers "do the math", they find that the average spend for an Android user is far less than the average for an iOS user. Additionally, at the moment we are talking about tablets, not phones, where iOS is still dominant over Android.

Looking deeper, one considers the "opportunity cost" of development, as Thomas mentions in the article. Porting a Mac game to the iPad required far less effort than porting to Android, especially since the latter requires a change of language (to Java), while the former uses the same language and development tools. The development effort was, nevertheless, significant.

In an ideal world, where there is no development or support cost and, therefore, every product is automatically profitable, I imagine you will find Pretty Good Solitaire on every platform. Unfortunately, in this world, the situation is reversed: development and support are costly, while most mobile users are primarily looking for free apps. (That last part is what I, personally, consider sad.)


I have a surface rt with a windows operating system. Why won't Pretty Good Solitaire work on it. I tried downloading thw windows version and it said it was not compatible with my system.

Thomas Warfield

Unfortunately Windows RT is a special version of Windows that does not run regular Windows applications. There is nothing we can do about this, Microsoft deliberated crippled RT in this way. It is a complete failure and Microsoft has basically abandoned Windows RT - it was a terrible idea. No regular Windows software will work with Windows RT.

Elaine Scoble

I too am so sorry that you aren't planning an Android version - but now I understand why. Thank you for the explanation.

Surely there is a sympathetic Android guru amongst the Pretty Good Solitaire players who could lend a hand? I suppose there is the question of copyright to consider then, although there must be a way around that.

I would LOVE to be able to play PGS on my Samsung Android tablet rather than only on my PC - here's hoping for a solution!


Thanks for the explanation. I completely understand. I have not yet paid anything for a game on my cell phone, the only android device I have. And I doubt I ever will. If it were really cheap, I might have paid for Pretty Good Solitaire, but I'm happy to have it on my desktop at home.

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Another thing to take into consideration, at least for Kindle Fire (KF), is that Amazon is constantly "tweaking" the OS. I understand that Win/Mac is constantly being updated, as well, but when you factor in the KF/'Droid updates along with all of your other updates and work on the Win/Mac platforms, it gets even more time consuming.

This really does make me sad, because I LOVE one of the GoodSol games in particular, Castles In Spain, and while you do have that version in your online collection, for which I am far more appreciative than you will ever realize, I literally can't find a downloadable version of CIS anywhere on the 'net for KF/'Droid .

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This is disappointing. I love Goodsol, but I'm not switching to iOS. I have it on my PC and play it all the time. Hearing you say that people who love Androids aren't worth your time, makes me think that perhaps Goodsol isn't worth my money. I doubt I'll upgrade or purchase any more Goodsol. Farewell

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