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March 19, 2015


Solitaire oyna

There are 150 types of solitaire game. Thanx for sharing the most popular ones.

Thys du Plooy

Those are definitely some amazing choices and I agree with them... well most of them. In my opinion Klondike is definitely the nicest one. It is the all time classic in my opinion, although others might argue a case for Spider solitaire. Granted it is VERY popular still after 30 years.

I like the different varieties of pyramid solitaire you get from the most basic to the more complex versions with multiple features.

Personally I have also wasted countless hours on games like Mahjong solitaire (but is debatable if it is even a solitaire game).

One that I have grown to like surprisingly is tripeaks solitaire. It is fast paced with bonuses and things based on how quickly you can work through the stages.

It adds a bit of a thrill to the whole thing.

Your list however... It is at least an 8/10... but that is just my opinion :)


@onya 150? try more like over a thousand at least at this point.

Tournament Games

Got it! thanks for sharing these games.

Alison Rosenhall

These are all great choices, I would also add Tripeaks since it is easy and fun if you’re not looking for a super challenging game though, like most solitaire games, you can get stuck.


spider solitaire is best game to play in quarantine and this is trending game now.


I used to do the Clock but can’t find a decent one now.

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