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May 13, 2010



As a cat lover who has lost a beloved pet in the past, I can truly say that I am sorry for your loss. It's clear from the pictures that Quizzie was well-loved.

Gregg Seelhoff

I am really sorry to hear about Inquisitor, Tom. I have played games of Quizzie and Inquisitor today in her honor.

ellis glazier

a place that you might support is tabbysplace.org, a cat santuary in new jersey for old or sick cats .
i have donated to them and from all i have seen over the years they deserve the help


Our deepest condolences. Our lives were one graced by the presence of a beloved pet (she made it to almost 20), so we definitely understand the impact of this sad turn of events. It is, indeed, very clear that Miss Quizzie was well loved and will be deeply missed.


I'm sure she is in cat heaven playing with the cats we have all lost in the past.

Peggy A Woolwine

I Love this newsletter with INQUISITOR and want to thank you so much for sharing all the information. I was just about to reinstall the 'Cat Cards' and now you have made it easier for me.And thanks for making it so easy to play my favorite game. I love your comment re you are not responsible for me letting 'things' go and especially losing sleep. Just one more game. It's very addictive. Peggy A Woolwine ps I am the responsible person for getting your application on facebook. My Daughter, Sheree, in another state knew I played a lot and I sent her the link. I am now getting responses from people like myself that are 'hooked'. THEY know what's goood. And another condolence for the INQUISITOR.

Paul and Camilla Kettle

Please accept our sincere condolences on Inquisitor's passing. She is a 'twin' of our adopted cat, Cuddles, whose only difference is being very shy toward other people. We have no two-legged children, and the loss of any of our previous cats was every bit as devastating as if they had been biological offspring. I still shed tears and grieve three years after the passing of Gregory, whose main job in life had been to convert me from a dog person to a cat lover.

Again, you have our sympathies.

Lisa Scott

My heart just breaks for you.
My dogs are my children. I
would lay down my life for them. I like animals so much
more than people.

She was lucky to have you as
her family.

God Bless You.

Jackie Corby

I am so very sorry about Inquisitor. I just recently lost a 15 year old cat and know how you feel................Jackie

Audrey Stone

Condolences on the loss of your little friend. There are never too many friends in one's world so each loss is deeply felt. I can tell Quizzy was a special friend so it's appropriate she had special friends like you to spend her limited time with.

El Gato Loco

Very sorry to hear about Inquisitor. As one of those Cat People, I can only imagine how much you miss her. At least she had obviously loving and awesome people to own.
Thank you for the cat decks. They are my favorite.

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