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January 08, 2009




Dwight Shih

Installation on a Mac is usually just a matter of copying the application to the "Applications" folder.

If that's all that you need, then the "standard" is a custom dmg so the initial view is your application, an alias for the Applications folder, and whatever documentation (possibly in a folder) you have. It seems to me that the Applications folder alias is named "Copy to Applications" or "Install in Applications" or something like that. And the actual installation process is for the user to grab your application and drop it on the alias.

And yes, you are not alone. I've had to explain to people that they need to do that rather than opening the dmg and running the app from the dmg.


We switched from .dmg files to just using .zip files for Mac downloads. It's easier all around, and there has been zero user confusion. It usually auto-expands and then the app or app folder is right there.

Apple really dropped the ball on .dmg IMHO. It adds a lot of confusion and has no real benefits.

Andy Brice


I use the dropdmg utility to do most of the grunt work.

I would also recommend having a nice background image.

Strangley Apple only allow .zip files on their own apple.com download site.

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