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June 29, 2007




"He's a very active little guy, only about 7 weeks old."

And he's already taken on his first tribble!


I second that awwww. What a sweetie.


OMG, he's so cuuuuuuuute~! <3

Oh, and - Awwwwwwww!

Mike Lyons

Very nice puss-watt, did you pick his name at Randon?.




Wow, amazingly cute! And I love the name.


Any update photos? Can't help but thinking he looks sad...maybe cuz Big O didn't know what to do with him???


So adorable! I bet the other cats liked Random better after his bath - when they all smell the same they can be way more accepting.


Wow! Random is perfect. So cute, I couldn't resist that cute face either.


"Kittens are So Cute!...
Then they become Beautiful Cats!"


I love these pics!!! What a cutie! I agree with the comment above whether there are any update pics to share? :)


Aaaw how cute ... We have 6 cats, all have been strays or abandoned. Gotta love cats. Also have 2 dogs and 2 parrots *big smile*


Cute kitty. Can I put your kitten on our Most Beatiful Pets page?



What a CUTIE pie! I've got two orangies myself, and I can't imagine life without them! What a wonderful thing you've done to find a place in your home and heart for a homeless kitten :)

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Why would you bathe the poor kitty? Oh, the humiliation!


so you give bath to cats?
are you nuts?


LOL, you aren't supposed to give cats a bath.. They are very likely to get sick.


what is with the people who think you aren't supposed to give cats baths? and especially that one that thinks they'll get sick? LOL cats get stinky too (especially if they've gotten into something), and like someone else said, when you have multiple cats the new cat smells different and won't fit in as well. after a bath they'll all start to smell the same to each other.

grats on the kitty, he's just adorable! ^_^


What a cutie! He reminds me of Alexandra when I first brought her home to live with Solomon (cat) and me.


very cute kitten !! also very good photography, i have tryed to get good pics of my cat and it isnt easy as it looks!!


What a cutie. I can remember when my"baby" was that size. He is 11 mos now and weighs 14 lbs! I doubt you need to make him suffer another bath though. He should know how to bath himself. I have never had to give any of mine a bath. They can even get Carolina Red dirt off themselves!


so cute! funnily enough, i have a cat named Random (Random Walk, actually), but he is old & fat (and black & white). nice to see the new generation!

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