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May 30, 2007


Michael McCulloch

What kind of eCPM do your free pages receive? I've experimented with AdSense and see about $7 eCPM. Given that figure, you'd need about 150,000 impressions a month to make four figures from AdSense.

While that is not a huge amount of traffic, it is doubtful just any web page could generate that many views. Your free pages are leveraging the overall popularity of your site.

You guys that get good web traffic take it for granted. ;-)

Thomas Warfield

My eCPM is much lower than that. A $7 eCPM would be pretty sweet. Obviously, that means my page views are much higher.

Actually, the overwhelming majority of the traffic to the online site comes from search engines or a few external links. It gets very little traffic from the rest of site since the links to it on the main site are obscure.

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