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March 21, 2007




Peter Muys

My 5 cats love Royal Canin.

The vet also recommended this brand.


Wow, maybe I should start paying attention to the news again. Your blog post was the first report of this recall that I have heard.

Luckily my cats eat only dry food, but seeing the name Science Diet scared me for a second, especially since one of my cats seemed a bit more lethargic than usual the other day.

He's springing around today, though. Must have been tired.

My parents' cat eats wet food, though, and I am going to call them to see if they know.


Hill's diet foods are expensive but they are the best, particularly for adult cats.

Scott Meade

Bob - Our cat is on Iams Hair Ball formula dry food. Our vet said it is fine - no worries about the dry food. But, our cat is old so the vet recommended a mature formula which Iams doesn't make in hairball control so the vet recommended Science Diet (Mature Hairball Control).


Here's another vote for Royal Canin. We have feed both our cats and dogs (with the Royal Canin dog food, of course) this high-quality brand. Your best bet is to read the complete label for any pet food you are thinking of purchasing. You want to see very high quality ingredients, and no fillers, listed for about the first 5 ingredients--and not much else, especially synthetic substances.


Our cat will only eat Purina and has refused all other wet/dry foods consistently for over 11 years.

So, I guess it would get his vote.


It is interesting about the cat foods by different manufacturers being made at the same plants. I did read something though that stated they are not the same food despite being made at the same plant. The pet food companies send them different formulations to use, which cost different based on the ingredients of course, so I'm not sure that Iam's and other, cheaper foods are the same.

Our cat, a blue burmese, eats a dry Iam's and dry Eukanuba mix, and we've haven't had any complaints. :)

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