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February 22, 2007



Very nice info and good hint. I will use this technic when I release Runes of Avalon.

Though, if you read some marketing books or books about "influencing people" then you wouldn't be that surprised by results.

Erik Hermansen

Thanks for sharing results, Thomas! I'd like to suggest a few speculative reasons why you'd get the 10x results...

1. People like having a conversation (however small and limited) with the guy who made the game they are playing.

2. Buying a game is a way of supporting the developer, so in some people's minds they are performing a good deed. Sending the e-mail to the developer means that the person who benefits from your good deed will personally acknowledge it.

3. People like the "I earned it" or "I am especially qualified" notion. I.e. if you just offered the 20/30% discount without the criterion of owning previous games, then less people would order. This is a little like the car insurance commercials that congratulate people for being good drivers. It might be less about pride or elitism--just noticing that an exclusive opportunity happens to match your situation makes that opportunity seem harder to come by.


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