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June 15, 2006



Don't discount GBuy, googles new payment system coming soon. If the API is better than Paypals, it presents a whole new opportunity for folks like you.


I'm starting to think a good business plan is to start a credit card/payment processing company and just wait to get bought out by Digital River.


Don't underestimate RegNow's affiliate scheme.

I am hooked on it, can't give it up for another provider.

+ they are only 7%, cmon, just one more hit, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Dmitry Chestnykh

eSellerate's rocket crashes:



Only 7%? I refuse to have RegNow as my only service which means that i get less than 50% of the $19.95 for a 30%-commission affiliate sale. $9.88 that is.

Cliff Harris

agreed. im suprised that regnow affiliate policy isnt anticompetitive and illegal


I have found you have changed your payment service back to Regnow. Are different payment services really affect sales? I changed my payment service from Regnow to Plimus a while ago and did not notice any sales decrease but it's just my feeling and I did not do any strict test.

winter wolves

Bah affiliation is dead anyway... regnow is useless. Future is pay per listing.

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