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February 02, 2006



I agree that it's ludicrous for a newspaper to not maintain their old articles at the same URL.

Did you ever get redirects working from your old articles when you moved the blog?


From Slashdot I found a link to Costikyan's article "Why Snood Gets No Respect" http://www.costik.com/weblog/2003_01_01_blogchive.html

Interesting quote:
****But I, at least, will be looking out for the next great Snood. Games are weird, and you never know. . . And until then, when I have a few minutes to kill, I'll be trying to better my score at Journey level.****

Of course, Snood is a puzzle game. From what I've been reading on his blog, he thinks puzzle games get enough coverage from the portals and so don't need to be part of his links. The whole article is about how Snood and Tetris don't get the respect they deserve. Is it just me, or have things changed that much in the past few years that they now get "enough" respect?

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