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January 08, 2006


Game Producer

"... I believe that if you want to be successful as an independent game developer that you need to control your own destiny - else you aren't really independent."

I don't 100% agree with you here. There are indies who make their own games using their own money, and go to portals/publishers. Then there are indies who only self-publish. And then there's indies in the between.

I wouldn't say going "portals only" is a bad choice if that's your business strategy: that way you wouldn't need to worry about the publishing process and you could focus more on actual game development.

It's true that this makes you publisher-dependant, but if you compare that dependancy with a self-publishing-dependant I can not tell which one is more risky...

I think it's matter of choice - it depends what you want.

Cliff Harris

I agree with the main post 100% The speed with which portals have appeared and taken over such a big chunk of the downloadable games market has stunned me. The wort bit is the contracts that insist you remove any URLs or links to your website, so that the customer is as in the dark as possible as to who actually made the game.
Pepsi dont let supermarkets sell their cola in unmarked bottles. I take the same approach. I have no intention of becomming the mug at the end of the deal who gets 10% of the wealth his ideas generate.

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