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January 19, 2006


Steve Pavlina

My "burn the ships" line is often misinterpreted to mean that you should take big, foolish risks to start your own business. Although I've often suggested burning the ships to strengthen commitment, I did not say that you should burn the food and supplies as well.

I wrote a clarification about this in March 2005:

When I switched from indie games to personal development in 2004, I burned the ships and cut off the possibility of turning back for myself. But I maintained my food and supplies, so I wasn't in danger of starvation.

Jack Norton

I kept my job for 5 months, then released USM that didn't go as expected, then switched to part-time and made Spin Around who did not so well, then I finally became full-time indie and started to have some satisfactions with Universal Boxing Manager, The Goalkeeper and other titles.
I was still living with my parents though :)

Xamarin Software Company

I changed from independent amusements to self-awareness in 2004, I consumed the boats and remove the likelihood of turning back for myself. Yet, I kept up my sustenance and supplies, so I wasn't in risk of starvation.

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