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November 29, 2005


Gregg Seelhoff

Informed guesses:

1) Digital River

2a) because they are as susceptible to the whims of Microsoft as the rest of us
2b) because a Sega deal is nowhere near as profitable
2c) because they turned their back on independent developers/publishers

Am I even close?

Greg Jandl

1. Sony
2. Um, they suck? The reasons are many, but treating customers like thieves and sheep (though the latter may not be as far from the truth as it should be), trying at every turn to make all media proprietary and ignoring the reality that the horse has not just left the barn, but it took the door with it and will be coming back later for the walls -- those are a good start.

Eric Sink

1. I'm guessing it's Digital River.

2. Because Microsoft announced something that looks like it might compete with them, and the press and Wall Street freaked out.

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